New speakers confirmed for our VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx from HP, Amazon Sumerian, ThirdEye, Sprint

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The VRARA Enterprise Summit, hosted by the VR/AR Association, will take place on June 10th at the LiveWorx digital transformation conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The full-day event will bring together the best minds in VR/AR from across the globe. Presentations from industry leaders will include VR/AR Enterprise topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Training, UX & Design, and much more. LiveWorx is the world's most respected conference for the enterprise to experience the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/AR, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and much more. 6500+ attendees are expected. LiveWorx is June 10-13.

Jay Fraser: Disrupt & Add Value – VR Training On The Rise

Presenter: Jay Fraser, Global Head of VR for Training at HP Presentation Synopsis: Did you know that in a study carried out by the National Training Laboratory, retention rates for lecture style learning were at 5% and reading rates were at 10%, while VR had a retention rate of 75%? VR works for training because it enables practice and ultimately people learn by doing, as the great Confucius once said! Improve your bottom line by reducing training costs while improving employee productivity through more engaging, effective, and scalable training; it’s a win-win. Learn about the myriad of VR training use cases and how companies small and large are leveraging immersive technology to train their workforce.

Bio: Focused on driving growth and developing partnerships in HP's Virtual Reality business, specifically for commercial training applications and the Military & First Responder segment across the globe.

Mark Francis: Amazon Sumerian

Presenter: Mark Francis, Product Marketing Lead, Mixed Reality, Amazon Web Services Presentation Synopsis: Amazon Sumerian - an innovative tool to democratize the development and deployment of AR/VR/3D applications and experiences.

Nick Cherukuri: AR/MR Smart Glasses Landscape

Presenter: Nick Cherukuri, Founder and President of ThirdEye Gen, Inc. Presentation Synopsis: A discussion of the AR/MR Smart Glasses landscape, their current major use cases in market now and what the future looks like for AR/MR Smart Glasses for consumer & enterprise.

Bio: Nick Cherukuri is the Founder and President of ThirdEye Gen, Inc. At ThirdEye, he leads the effort to bring the X1 AR Smart Glasses & AR platforms to the commercial and consumer worlds. Previously, he developed AR/VR applications that were successful in mobile App stores. He has lengthy experience with the software and hardware components of Augmented Reality and in creating powerful AR experiences for users as well as patents in the AR field. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he was a founding member of the Penn VR/AR organization.

Jonathan Moss: Transforming Learning in Retail with VR/AR

Presentation Synopsis: Corporations invested $87.6B (Source: Training Magazine) on Training in 2018. Current technology and design in the industry makes learning dull, costly, and restricts the ability to learn in an effective way. Investing in AR/VR/MR can help solve all of these problems, while helping learners increase knowledge retention and speed up their time to competency. Training/Educating employees has the most use cases and greatest potential for the technology according to a study done by Harvard Business Review. However, many Retail companies have not implemented or even put this technology on their roadmap. In this talk, we will review our learning strategy and use cases for the Retail environment.

Bio: Jonathan and his team's purpose is to UNLEASH PEOPLE’S POTENTIAL by evolving the experience (partners and customers) and growth of Sprint's consumer sales organization through learning and sales enablement. Concurrently, they are taking on the industry through the utilization of technology to disrupt and design learning that is different from what we have experienced today. They are on a mission to eliminate boring and ineffective learning! Jonathan has had the pleasure of leading teams up to 250 that span the entire country with operating revenues of $14B. They have implemented strategies that changed the growth trajectory of people & results through leadership & employee development programs, redesigning sales processes, integrating technology for improved customer journeys & cost saving efficiencies, creating operating models that optimize profitability, & executing on the fundamentals of business.

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