Recap of our VRARA Israeli Chapter Event Israel

On February 20th VRARA Israeli Chapter hosted an event in Tel-Aviv at '2B Hub' offices on the topic of VR in Healthcare. The evening began networking providing an occasion for the Israeli VR/AR community to get to know each other personally, VR/AR areas of practice, and discuss business opportunities. Afterwards a VR/AR experts panel was run by the largest Israeli VR/AR Facebook community manager. The panel experts shared their thoughts and insights, and answered interesting questions came up from the panel manager and from the crowd. Dr. Rotem Bennet, a brain researcher in a VR Neuro-Cognitive lab in the Technion, gave a fascinating lecture; presented the connection between body, mind and brain in VR/AR, providing a review from various perspectives. Through his vast experience in Microsoft MSR innovation labs and his academic experience. The whole event was filmed in 360 and screened live in the Facebook event page, enabling live streaming for guests who could not be at the event.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-20 at 19.28.12.jpeg