Coming Soon to Oculus! ‘Death Lap,’ a Frenetic VR Combat Racing Game from OZWE Games

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OZWE Games — official Oculus Studios — is thrilled to introduce a new title that challenges you to drive to survive. ‘Death Lap’ pulls no punches and breaks all the traditional rules of the road. Buckle up because if the speed doesn’t kill you, the driver next to you just might.

Fans of the Anshar franchise should be well familiar with OZWE, they have been making strides in the industry since 2014 and the Gear VR Innovator Edition launch. In their upcoming release, they’ve mashed up a Twisted Metal tribute with the zany antics of go-kart-style racing games like Mario Kart for a darkly comic racing game that will have you howling with laughter even as you put your life on the line. The game takes its name from an annual tournament held once a year, where drivers wield deadly short- and long-range weapons and the first to cross the finish line wins. Behind it, all is the host, Nitro Saint Payne — a marvelous yet tragic man with a definite need for speed.

Key Features

  • Fast driving. Master your steed in first or third-person view. Use it to its best capacities, drift and jump over the minefield as quick as you can.

  • Battle for survival. Use the deadly supply of weapons, maneuver undetected into the hostile run, execute combat tactics for attack or defense, and enjoy a good shot of adrenaline.

  • Choose your car. Select your favorite vehicle to brave the peril of the show. Each car has a unique personality with its own set of weapons and abilities.

  • Ruthless tracks. Enjoy various races environments as wild and bloody as beautiful. Take advantage of its secret paths and obstacles.

  • Cunning strategies. Use your car and environment wisely. Get the bonuses scattered around and use them smartly.

  • Single or multiplayer. Play against the AI or real players to test your might and speed. Maybe you'll be strong enough to get on the pantheon of greatest players.

The only thing left to say is to keep an eye out for the release date!

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