Cost Effective VR - A Quarter of a Million Reasons

There are a number of concerns around the provision and efficacy of fire safety training in the UK, especially for the managers of staff on sites where general public attend for healthcare purposes.

The National Health Service (NHS) employs an estimated 1.5 million staff across the UK and treats around 1 million patients every 36 hours across the full spectrum of human health - its an exceptional organisation and well loved by the UK people.

With the vast numbers of public attending NHS health services throughout the UK the potential damage that may be caused by fire to property and people is very high. We're working with Health Education England and St Bart's in London on a Fire Safety VR pilot to reduce and manage risk while streamlining costs. 

The forecasts for the one trust we're on pilot with is for savings of around £250,000. There are 600 trusts throughout the UK so there's huge potential behind the trial for cost saving and increased effectiveness of training - it's an exciting chance to prove VR can build knowledge in a cost effective manner.

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