VR/AR Hub at Launch Academy In Vancouver, Now Accepting Companies and Founding Partners

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Are you an entrepreneur taking the leap into VR/AR?

Are you a startup that is looking to grow and learn from leaders?

Are you a startup that is looking for a collaborative environment to work from?

Are you an organization looking to be apart of and help build/support a booming technology ecosystem?

Are you from another city/country looking to move to one of the top VR/AR ecosystems in the world?

Let’s talk!

Growing from 15 companies in 2015 to over 220 organizations this year, Vancouver’s VR and AR ecosystem is one of the city’s best stories and the momentum is continuing!


VRARA Vancouver/Launch Academy are now accepting new companies and founding partners for our VR/AR incubator a 12,000-square-foot facility which will feature a device lab to test out new technologies and access to top mentors/influencers, programs, events and workshops to help companies to grow and scale. The existing infrastructure built from Launch Academy of incubating 600+ companies, raising a collective $150M and supporting entrepreneurs from over 35 countries. This initiative was built on our mandate to support and grow the community!

The VR/AR Hub will be the home base for VR/AR companies who are looking to make an impact. This will also be the place for non-traditional VR/AR companies/businesses to test and be connected to innovators in the space, a lab if you will.

Our world-class network of mentors include Super Ventures, the VR Fund, WXR Fund, Outpost Capital, the GFR Fund, Microsoft, Finger Food Studios, Archiact, LNG Studios, LlamaZoo Interactive Inc., Blueprint Reality Inc., Cognitive3D, YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. and the Vancouver Economic Commission.

Some of our mentors:

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“The reason why Launch Academy is successful is because we believe in community first,” says Ray Walia, CEO of Launch Academy “In a nascent industry like VR/AR, it is especially important to cultivate early-stage entrepreneurs, cross-pollinate their networks with other existing emerging tech communities, and provide them with the resources they need to tackle their audacious visions.”

Space at the new hub is in high demand. Membership fees start at $300 a month, with the first 10 permanent desks being offered to VR/AR Association members at a 20 percent discount.

We’re also looking for founding partners to help support this thriving community.

Apply here to be apart of it! Contact Alex Chuang (alex@launchacademy.ca) or Dan Burgar (dan@thevrara.com) if you have questions.