VR/AR Global Summit 2018 Frank Soqui and Raj Puran of Intel (Video)

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Frank Soqui, Vice President & General Manager in VR, Gaming and Esports at Intel Corporation Frank Soqui is shaping Intel’s client business in growth segments such as VR, gaming, and esports. He currently leads the Gaming division after over two years as general manager of Virtual Reality focused on Intel’s commercial and consumer immersive technology strategy. As a 36-year Intel veteran, he has represented Intel in over 50 high-profile interviews worldwide. Previous leadership roles include: Technical Compute Cloud and Client General Manager, Workstation Group General Manager, and General Manager in what is known today as IOT with a highly visible presence in live TV interviews, keynotes, and commercials. Frank has held leadership roles Digital Office, Desktop PC and Telecom groups. Transformation, creativity, and growth are his passion.

Raj Puran is Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, part of the Client Computing Group (CCG) in the Virtual Reality, Gaming and Esports group (VRGE) at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for defining and executing on VRGE’s strategy for Location Based Entertainment and World Wide Commercial VR Experiences. Puran has also executive produce several highly immersive VR experiences with the Smithsonian American Art Museum and several higher education programs including the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. Puran joined Intel in 1995 as a co-op software engineer for the Information Technology group. He has held various development and engineering roles at Intel spanning server CPU technology, enterprise solutions, desktop client, communications, film production technology, content creation and audio technology. Before assuming his current position, Puran was business development manager for the Enthusiast Desktop business segment of CCG, working on audio, film and VR content creation and consumption segments. He holds several patents in audio and video technology and has also represented Intel in many public appearances and at conferences where he has delivered many keynote speeches. His high profile work has been instrumental in the introduction of Intel VR to the general public, the museum industry and has led partnerships with many key players in the VR industry. Puran also is a key advisor to the Intel Capital team on strategic investments in VR. Puran holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from U.C. Davis and in Economics from University of Phoenix. In addition to his responsibilities at Intel, he is member of the Immersive Technology Alliance, working to improve the viability, advancement and adoption of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, stereoscopic 3D and related future innovations.