Say Hello to LegendBots

Imagine your favorite characters from TV and movies coming to life. Do you love Donkey from Shrek? Now he’s waking up your kids at 7:00 am every day. Would you like to compare parent stories with George Costanza? Festivus for the rest of us? Want your kids to take Spanish immersion? Dora is now at the breakfast table. The personalities that we have grown to love can live on with the robotics platform, LegendBots.

The team at Brave New World is currently developing this new robotics platform for the home consumer market. They began in early 2016.

Since then, they have achieved a lot and have outlined some big goals for themselves. They want to take the interaction between humans and robots to the next level. This platform combines a physical robot with mixed reality for an entirely new experience. The 12-inch robot can be re-programmed and fits a variety of removable shells – enabling developers to create a myriad of products on one platform. The robot will have computer vision and machine learning capabilities that allow it to see you, hear you, and speak back to you.

The essence of the platform is the LegendBot itself. Here are some key features:

  • A Mixed Reality Game Experience – By combining Mixed Reality on mobile phones with the LegendBot you can play a truly unique game. Imagine a board game with a robot host that guides you through the gameplay. Then add an injection of Mixed Reality and the board game leaps off the table and into new dimensions.
  • Removable Shell – the LegendBot can easily be repurposed by sliding off one outer shell and replacing it with another. One minute you have a talking teddy bear and the next you have R2D2. Each shell comes with a new app for your phone, creating a brand new experience every time.
  • A Smarter Bot – There are many robotic toys available for the consumer home market. Most are pretty limited in their ability to interact with the consumer. Brave New World is creating a next-gen robot that will be able to see and hear users and respond back to them. Leading edge technologies like computer vision and machine learning were hugely expensive just a few years ago. These technologies are now more mature are readily available – the main challenge for the

Brave New World team is to seamlessly integrate these functions together.

Development of the platform is ongoing and there have been challenges along the way. The team is putting the final touches on a major milestone, the ability for the mobile app to “see” the robot’s exact position and seamlessly project mixed reality graphics on top of it, not easy with a moving object. The next phase will include upgrades to the bot’s computer vision, audio analysis, and speech capabilities.

With a new round of funding recently secured, the future is looking bright for LegendBots. Development of revenue avenues has begun. One initial product offering will be a board game titled The Chancellor of the Univers where you can play cooperatively or competitively to defeat a bumbling, evil genius robot that rules the universe. Marketing efforts around the Chancellor game have begun with the creation of a comic book that introduces the Chancellor to the world. See more about the comic at and meet the Chancellor at Brave New World plans to produce its own products and license the platform to existing brands as well.

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