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Avatars, AI and Chatbots: Learn how virtual humans, immersive technology, and AI chatbots are being used across multiple industries. Retail, hospitality, real estate, training, customer service, professional sports, health and wellness, and celebrities are now being driven by human realistic avatars and AI. Learn how Quantum Capture, Portico, and other industry leaders are helping big brands increase the bottom line, drive sales, and enhance productivity. Virtual humans can convey trust, empathy, and evoke an emotional connection that increases guest satisfaction, increases learning and retention, and overall happiness.


Morgan Young Co-founder & CEO Quantum Capture Inc.

Morgan Young is a seasoned AAA game developer and entrepreneur. He is a passionate, self-driven 3D artist dedicated to producing the highest caliber of digital content, and pushing the medium of virtual human technology forward. As a graduate of Seneca College’s School of Communication Arts, Morgan was hired as a founding member of Ubisoft Toronto's art team. Morgan went on to ship several blockbuster titles there including Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Assassin’s Creed Unity before moving on to found Quantum Capture in early 2015. In his role as CEO, Morgan has transformed Quantum Capture from an early stage startup, to an industry leader inside the emerging field of Virtual Human technology. He has led the company through the design of its state of the art photogrammetry rig and motion capture pipeline, to securing funding, to developing Quantum’s core product CTRL Human; a developer platform which makes it easy to embody chat bots with photo-realistic avatars. Having spent the past 3 years developing virtual humans, Morgan and his wife decided to create a real human last year, a daughter named Ava.

Maria Rodriguez, Lead AR Architect, Addison Care (SameDay Security)

Maria is the lead AR solutions architect for SameDay Security’s next-gen system, Addison Care.  Addison Care features an avatar named Addison who responds via a voice interface, backed by connected devices to enable AI-powered predictive analytics, creating a holistic ambient-AR home health automation system. In addition, SameDay Security is staying on the leading edge of VR/AR with the recent investment of a quarter million dollars into New Mexico State University for creation of the Addison Care Virtual Reality Laboratory.

Jeff Meador COO, Portico

Jeff Meador is the COO of and also serves as the co-chair the VR/ AR Association’s training committee. He began his career working with Stanford’s Multimedia Laboratory in the 1990s, developing some of the first online interactive experiences for classrooms. He has maintained his passion for leveraging and extending technology to create effective and engaging methods of learning. In recent years, his focus has turned to immersive media such as Virtual and Augmented Realities. As COO of Portico, he leads the vision and strategy of how to deploy interactive, conversational role play tools to training content creators. He is a champion of standards, best practices, and the science of learning, having authored or co-authored several white papers for the VR/AR Association in support of using immersive reality to augment traditional training. His proactive, results-oriented approach has led to numerous awards and accolades from diverse sources such as Forbes, Engadget, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, and more.

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