Congratulations to the Pitchfest Finalists! $15K winner announced at the VR/AR Global Summit

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Healium a mind-powered XR escape hatch

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MAKAR the VR/AR editing platform for everyone

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Embodied Labs Leverage the Embodied Labs VR-enabled immersive learning system to develop empathy for older adults and start having deeper, transformational conversations about your care practices.


MERIDIUN is providing technology, tools and services to create unique end-to-end applications for enterprise solutions.

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wrnch Create, move or modify objects on an interactive display or immerse yourself in a VR/AR world using wrnchAI


Eyecandylab transforms how the world consumes video content & TV

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Ghost from Black Rainbow Ghost is a complete AR solution including a smartphone-powered headset and a suite of apps that is accessible, affordable, and useful.

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iVirtual Technologies Become one of the world's first Virtual Humans!

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