New Research Shows Heal-ium XR Changes Brain to Reduce Anxiety 2 published studies examine future of VRceuticals

Heal-ium is the world’s first XR product powered by a brain-computer interface. It allows the user to control the virtual and augmented reality environments with their thoughts. See attached release about the recently released Frontiers in Psychology and Journal of Neuroregulation published studies.
— Sarah Hill, CEO StoryUP
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Two new studies published in Frontiers in Psychology and the Journal of Neuroregulation show the therapeutic potential of virtual reality to change brain patterns and trigger a physiological reduction in anxiety. The full article published in Frontiers in Psychology section Human-Media Interaction, examined changes in specific brain frequencies associated with the stress response using Healium, a new VR and AR channel powered by the user’s emotions.

“Results demonstrated that both a quiet rest control condition and the VR meditation significantly reduced subjective reports of anxiety and increased Alpha power. However, the VR intervention uniquely resulted in shifting proportional power from higher Beta frequencies into lower Beta frequencies, and significantly reduced broadband Beta activity in the anterior cingulate cortex. These effects are consistent with a physiological reduction of anxiety.” - Frontiers in Psychology, Human Media Interaction July 2018, Neuromeditation Institute

According to its blog, Frontiers is the most-cited multidisciplinary Psychology Journal in the world. This study conducted by the Neuromeditation Institute examined the brain activity of patients with self-reported moderate anxiety before and after a brief mindfulness in nature experience produced by StoryUP XR.

The Journal of Neuroregulation also published an article on Healium’s ability to increase gamma asymmetry in a small group of firefighters. Gamma asymmetry is associated with feelings of positivity. You can read the full article here.

Healium, a product of StoryUP XR, is a channel that includes a variety of VR and augmented reality experiences as well as the world's first XR experiences powered by your brain. The user is able to see their own brainwave patterns control assets inside VR goggles or on their smartphones. They’re able to hatch butterflies from a chrysalis or float up a waterfall with their gamma asymmetry which is associated with feelings of positivity. Healium is currently being used worldwide in areas of stress.

The experiences are made with Unity, Unreal Engine, Apple’s AR kit, Android’s ARcore, and StoryUP’s patent-pending technology.

StoryUP started in 2014 as a way to help aging Veterans see their memorials. Healium kits are used in enterprise from healthcare to sailors in the US Navy. In addition to positivity, the stories

and affirmations about empathy, mindfulness, and motivation span five continents. Healium products support Honor Everywhere, a free VR program for terminally ill and aging Veterans who are no longer able to physically travel to see their memorials in Washington, DC.

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