AR Everywhere I The Spatial Era is Here!

VRARA Vancouver was delighted to invite its members to its most recent chapter event: AR Everywhere I The Spatial Era is Here. With in-depth panels discussing the future of AR and the AR cloud, a preliminary keynote from Marco de Miroz and with demos galore, the night was quite the extravaganza.

Here were some of the highlights:

A Deeper Dive into The AR ecosystem

Marco de Miroz from The Venture Reality Fund never fails to give us tasty exclusives. We all got a sneak preview of The VR Fund’s now newly-released AR ecosystem map:

vr-fund-ar (1).jpg

With AR experiencing a surge in adoption and with AR companies growing by 50% compared to 2017, the growth of the Augmented Reality industry has the potential to be exponential!

Extrapolation of the AR Cloud

Throughout the evening with Vancouver AR industry members such as Aaron Hilton from Steampunk Digital, Alex Chuang of Shape Immersive, Jordan Brighton from Virtro and Miles Marziani of Quest Upon, we were exposed to the nouveau industry topic of the AR cloud, and what this means for creating persistent AR experiences.

                                                                                                          Marco de Miroz of The VR Fund

                                                                                                          Marco de Miroz of The VR Fund

As defined by Alex Chuang of Shape Immersive, “By definition, the AR cloud is a machine readable 1:1 scale model of the world. Some call it the world's digital twin or a real-time spatial map of the world. Personally, I'd like to think of it as a parallel digital dimension that perfectly overlays on top of our real world.”

                                                                                                         Alex Chuang of Shape Immersive

                                                                                                         Alex Chuang of Shape Immersive

Significant points raised during the discussion panels included:

  • The importance of image persistence in the progression of the AR industry
  • The need to create memorable and valuable AR experiences to increase user adoption

  • The increase in development of multiplayer modes to enhance augmented experiences

  • The predicted rise in geo-relevant content

  • The potential of the AR cloud to supersede Google in its ability to organize the world’s information

Watch a short clip of the evening's events below! 

With such a rich XR ecosystem in Vancouver we’re delighted to be able to organise these meetups, which not only allow the community to come together in our unique partnership, but also enable the much needed sharing of new information, innovation and technological skill amongst members.

If you'd like to watch the full event talks including the keynote click here.

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