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Perhaps the most dramatic shift the introduction of AR-enabled mobile phones is brought about by the use of the camera as the interface. But the camera needs something to detect, or "see". We have come to think of this geolocated content as "The AR Cloud". The implications of SLAM capable geolocated content are profound; the world will be painted with data. The technology to enable this dramatic development is in its infancy, although there are several promising startups tackling it right now. Some, like Ubiquity6 and YouAR, offer complete solutions, while others, such as offer key technologies that would enable developers to create their own apps. 

In this webinar, we'll explore the meaning of the AR cloud with the man who first coined the phrase, Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE and partner in seed stage AR focused venture fund, Super Ventures. We'll be speaking with an incredible panel which includes three pioneering startups working to enable the creation and population of the AR cloud. In addition to company presentations from Unbiquity6, YouAR, and, we'll explore key concepts around the AR cloud. Such as: 

  • The role of computer vision, AI, and sound
  • The universal visual browser - how will enable all AR content to be found? Could existing browsers play a role? 
  • Will there be open standards, so enterprises and individuals can populate the AR cloud? YouAR is pushing for an ICANN like organization to manage this, The AR Cloud Foundation. 
  • If a dozen developers painted data on a landmark like the Golden Gate Bridge, how would a user sort through it? 
  • Will there be a Google for visual search? How would that work? 
  • How important are filters? Surely we don't want to be assaulted by every kind of content. 
  • What are the opportunities today for developers, enterprises, and individuals?