Vancouver, British Columbia is a leading creative hub at the forefront of interactive technology (report)

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British Columbia, Canada, is home to a creative cluster of world-class companies specializing in game development. As an international centre for console, social, and mobile game production, as well as an emerging hub for virtual reality technology, British Columbia offers highly skilled talent, a cost-competitive and convenient west coast location, and targeted incentives.

Join leading companies including Capcom Game Studio, EA (Electronic Arts), Microsoft, Sega, Eastside Games, and over 120 more studios that make up British Columbia’s creative cluster of game developers. With strong links to the U.S. west coast, Asia, and Europe, our interactive games sector is integrated with world markets and can handle the full range of development from concept through production.

If you want to locate your business in a thriving interactive technology ecosystem, or partner with innovative game developers, British Columbia is the right place to be — it’s where the creative revolution is taking off.


  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  • Skilled labour force
  • High quality of life
  • Strategic West Coast location
  • Low corporate and personal income taxes
  • Targeted tax incentives