Highlights from our Education Committee on 2018 Accomplishments and Outlook on 2019

At the end of 2018  we are extremely happy to highlight the activities released from the VRARA Education Committee in the past year.

As a committee we have come together globally sharing our Education best practices, reflections, experiences, case studies, meetings, failures, and celebrating our wins where collectively we are working together to build global standards using VR and AR Technology to Educate the lessons needed for todays world.

We have completed our VR & AR Education guides, Ecosystem report, case studies, and best practices white paper. 

We have had several webinars in 2018 and our first Live Education Webinar has been planned for February 2019 that will be influenced from VR/AR Professionals from around the world.

We have made a heroic effort reaching out to people from many schools, platform providers and content curators with the global VR/AR Educational Community to lead our ecosystem for the millions of people who will all use VR/AR technology to Educate others.   

Our VR/AR Education Committee is becoming a strong resource for educators, students and professionals to learn how to use the resources to build the Future of Education.

We look forward to 2019 and welcome you to join our VR/AR Education Committee to help us build a stronger ecosystem that will be influenced globally for everyone to use.