The VR/AR Global Summit Europe will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2019

To learn more about the VR/AR Global Summit Europe, see here

Lisbon, December 10, 2018

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is organizing the VR/AR Global Summit Europe in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2019.

After organizing the VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver (see here), the largest global ecosystem of VR/AR companies, brands, and professionals is now focused on hosting in Lisbon the premiere European community and conference for industry leaders in immersive technology content, knowledge, and creation.

The VR/AR Global Summit Europe will take place in June, 2019. The event will feature dynamic keynotes, industry tracks, workshops, creative hubs, demos, exhibits, breakouts and amazing VIP events. It will showcase the best that the industry has to offer.

The VR/AR Global Summit Europe continues the mission of the VR/AR Association of facilitating growth, knowledge and connections across the globe, and across industry verticals for VR/AR.  The growing VRARA member base and thousands of registered companies & brands have been asking for this type of interactive and innovative conference,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder and President of the VR/AR Association.

Lisbon, sometimes referred to as "The San Francisco of Europe", is #5 in the Startup Ecosystem Globally, and boasts a remarkable growth on the innovation economy in the last 3 years, On the crossroads of Europe, North America and Brazil, more and more big brands are coming to Lisbon in search of tech talent.  

“VR/AR Global Summit Europe is designed to bring together both industry leading solution providers as well as the brands and companies looking to deploy these types of technologies to improve and enhance their business. In addition to enterprise, we also have an exciting gaming and entertainment program planned," says Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director, VRARA.

Lisbon has become a VR/AR startup scene, along with production companies working for big brands. “Lisbon is a global hub for immersive technologies that boasts over 60 companies working directly in the VR/AR space. I am very excited to work with such an amazing organization as the VRARA to produce this event. This will be the largest, and best show of its kind in Europe,” says Anne-Marie Enns, Executive Producer of the VR/AR Global Summit.

As the knowledge-based employment rises in Lisbon and with VR/AR industry gaining momentum, we believe there is no better place to discuss the present and future of this reality. "We are very excited to host VR/AR Global Summit 2019 in Lisbon. We believe this Global Summit will be an important contribution to our vision of making Lisbon one of the most innovative and creative cities in Europe." says Paulo Soeiro Carvalho, General Director for Economy and Innovation at the Lisbon City Council.

To learn more about the VR/AR Global Summit Europe, see here


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