Video Preview: VRARA SF Lightfield Event (9/13)

What are lightfields and why are they important? We'll answer that question next week at VRARA SF's event on lightfields and volumetric VR.  In short, lightfields capture a wide range of light in a given space so it can be recreated in a visually realistic way for VR and AR.

To get ready for the topic, VRARA SF's Mike Boland interviewed event speaker and all-around lightfield thought leader Ryan Damm (video below). Among other things, Damm expressed how attention to lightfields has increased with the excitement around VR and AR.

Not only that, but the "field" itself has expanded and evolved. The latest opportunity follows the market's overall shift towards mobile AR (i.e. ARkit and ARCore). We discuss this and many other aspects of lightfields to tee up deeper discussions next week. 

See the full interview below and find out more about next week's event here. As a bonus for reading this post, save 50% on registration with the code MBHALF. And as always, VRARA members get in free. 

Mike Boland

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