Recap of VRARA LA Event - Investor Summit

By Natalie Cole, VRARA LA Chapter

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales inc comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Even though those words were said quite some time ago, it still holds true. This statement is the best description that described the energy that radiated from The Fox Innovation Plaza on the evening of Tuesday, June 27th. Passion and determination emitted from the selected few who was privileged enough to take part in the VRARA Los Angeles Chapter’s 2017 Investor Summit The Path to Funding.

The Summit took place at the coveted and innovative space of the Fox Innovation Lab which is located at the Fox Plaza on the rightly named street called Avenue of the Stars. Attendees walked into a bustling mix of varied members in the VR/AR community as they greeted one another, enjoyed cool glasses of wine on a hot Los Angeles evening and enjoyed light refreshments.

The Panel: The Path to Funding was led by the LA Chapter Vice President: Doug Lorenzen who led the discussion of the certified informed experts. The panel consisted of Gregory Milken (March Capital), Anu Bhardwa (Women Investing in Women), Barry Downes (Sur Valley Ventures), Selina Troesch (Touchdown VC), and Francis Pollara of (Luma Launch VC).

From left to right: Doug Lorenzen (VRARA VP), Francis Pollara (Luma Launch VC), Gregory Milken (March Capital), Selina Troesch (Touchdown VC), Anu Bhardwa (Women Investing in Women)

From left to right: Doug Lorenzen (VRARA VP), Francis Pollara (Luma Launch VC), Gregory Milken (March Capital), Selina Troesch (Touchdown VC), Anu Bhardwa (Women Investing in Women)

The energy was on high and the passion was evident. It was a place and space where people can come together to not only be inspired but to have access to speak to people, they only dare to. To contribute and to be able to foster relationships within the VR/AR community, well that is what we aim to do and in this case, we can say: Mission Accomplished!

Our hosts and speakers had some great feedback on the event:

Clayton Biele,  Director of Fox Innovation Lab stated  “We just had the honor of sponsoring and hosting the VRAR Association event here at the Fox Plaza and the Fox Innovation Lab. It seemed to all go off well without a hitch. We had a number of companies come up and do pitches and I thought they were very well received. I think that going forward we really need more of these types of events to spread the community outreach and get the awareness growing for AR, MR and VR, especially as we grow the market.”

Sophie Wright, Co-Founder / COO of Human Interact “I really appreciate the opportunity to get a chance to pitch at some VC’s. This is going to help put me in touch with the people that I need to talk to to help complete our vision of making truly interactive movies and VR. These folks have the resources and we have the vision and you guys have basically put us together in a room. We couldn’t ask for a better situation to happen.”

Anu Bhardwa from Women Investing in Women - “I thought it was a great event  and it was informative for me also meeting some awesome co-panelists. In terms of the audience questions, I think they were totally on point. I think it’s really great that you are putting this together because everyone needs to have a fundamental knowledge of how to raise capital.”

Francis Pollara with Luma Launch VC stated “I really enjoyed the event and had great conversations and everyone participating was really open and challenging their thoughts on AR and VR and they were thinking about the state of the market”

Gregory Milken from March Capital - “I thought it was a great event networking to meet all the VR/AR companies who are doing exciting things in the early stages in the Los Angeles area. I am really excited about the opportunity for future companies and great big businesses in the digital media and the VR/AR space.”

And the feedback didn't stop there as attendees wanted to share their experience as well: 

“I am so thankful for a place where we can come and discover what is happening in the industry. It’s moving so fast and quickly. The networking that we are able to do here and the ideas that we are able to share, really helps us to stay at the forefront for the industry.”

“It was absolutely an amazing event. We really appreciate the knowledge that was brought here and just the level of camaraderie in the community. I didn’t know anybody coming in and I am leaving with a whole bunch of people who I can reach out and get a bunch of different questions answered as well as who I can have my future opportunities with as well.”

Once again, we are so grateful to Fox Innovation Lab for hosting and to TriNet for sponsoring the event!

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Until next time…

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