Oath, a Verizon Company, become a Member of the VR/AR Association VRARA

This week, we are excited to announce Oath’s membership of the VRARA - a global industry association for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. 

By connecting cross vertical knowledge at a global scale, the VRARA helps members accelerate their go-to-market strategy. If you’re a brand or enterprise looking to deploy a VR or AR solution, there are now thousands of solution providers globally. The VRARA can help you learn from case studies and connect you with the best solution providers for your use case. 

David Murray, Head of Ad Creative Technology, EMEA, at Oath said: “Virtual & Augmented Reality technology provides an exciting opportunity for users, content creators & brands to create and experience the next generation of interactive content. The doors are being opened to truly immersive experiences that have the potential to shift how people consume content. At Oath, we want to lead the way. There are challenges ahead so it is important to work and help the wider industry to solve issues such as standardisation & scale. The VRARA will help us join the dots in the industry and we want to help drive towards this new frontier.”

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