Snap IPO & Snap Crackle Pop

Wow what a week. We had Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Oculus lowered its’ prices to be more inline with HTC and Snap Inc. went public! Instead of rehashing now old news, I want take this opportunity to talk about how Snap Inc. is making tech fun again. Aside from the speculation that Snap Inc. is pondering making a VR Camera in the likes of Samsung Gear; what is getting me excited and people in the industry is the simple yellow joy of the brand. Despite talking heads saying money was left on the table for the IPO or that Instagram is making headwinds in the core user-base, Snap Inc. has captured something that users have been craving for a while now, fun. With digital becoming a ‘utility,’ it is refreshing to have a nice blend of business and barfing rainbows. Whether it be the advent of silly filters, or the ‘must have’ cool spectacles, happy is always an awesome distraction from the reality of a stress filled life. Obviously I am a fan and can’t wait to see what else the company has on deck for the next year. Congrats Snap.

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Snapchat (Snap Inc) is a Camera and Augmented Reality Company