Healthcare Solutions in VR AR MR

People are constantly asking how to move forward or more to the point, what’s beyond the hype in the VR industry? So let me say that what is clearly gaining traction in the market is improved Health Solutions. People want more, faster, and less evasive diagnostic, treatment and technology options.

The VRARA Digital Health Committee is proof. Since the inception of the committee, both companies and healthcare professionals wanted in. The goal is to develop and share best practices as the industry matures.

Everyone from Medical Doctors to private companies are participating to build tangible tools based on real use cases. The entire process of the patient journey; not to mention education both for patients and medical personnel alike is being parsed and planned.

As an example of the possibilities on this topic, we need look no further than  Cambridge University; who is now working on a program to render 3D VR treatment for cancer.

“We want to create an interactive, faithful, 3D map of tumors that can be studied in virtual reality that scientists can ‘walk into’ and look at it in great detail,” said lead researcher Greg Hannon in a Cambridge news post.

A 3D model would be ideal for researches to study and analyze with in-depth precision; showing the minutia of the cancer which has never done before.

“I think this is the very cutting edge of how people will in the future understand not only cancer but organismal development,” said Hannon in a video from the university.

This and more medical research utilizing VR/AR & MR is now happening and hopefully setting the new standard in excellence of care.