Bay Area: Join Us at The Confluence Summit (10/27)

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We're living in a period of technological convergence. And those converging factors notably include immersive technologies like VR and AR. 

With that backdrop, Winston Baker will host the Confluence Summit, happening October 27, in Menlo Park, CA and featuring speakers like YouTube founder Steve Chen. 

VR/AR Association, SF has partnered with the conference, meaning we have discount codes for members to save 30% on registration (contact us).

The conference program is here and you can register here. We hope to see you at the show. 

More from the conference organizers

Since the earliest days of cinema and television, creative storytelling and technology have worked hand in hand to entertain audiences in new and exciting ways. One of the world’s greatest innovators of all time, Thomas Edison invented many devices that greatly influenced the world beyond the light bulb - for instance, the phonograph and the motion picture camera.

In more recent years, the era of VOD and digital distribution have profoundly affected the way in which the content business works. And now, with the proliferation of immersive experiences, both technology and entertainment sectors have a new set of opportunities and challenges to face.

What will the future hold for storytelling on new mediums? How will content be made, accessed and distributed? What devices will consumers adapt to?

As the forces of technology and entertainment continue to both disrupt and influence one another in this ever changing media landscape, how can tech developers and content creators combine efforts to take our generation’s innovative revolution even further? We hope to discover the answers at The Confluence Summit

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