VRARA Presenting at the S&P Global Analyst Training for VR in NYC

On Aug 9th, VRARA NYC Chapter President, Kris Kolo, will be talking about the NEW, New Wave: Virtual Reality - it’s not just a game anymore.  

  • How many companies are currently in market?
  • What industries are they engaged in (movies, games, TV shows, sports, music, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, retail, security, health care, CADCAM (computer assisted design and manufacturing), hospitality, etc.)?
  • what are the overall economic size of the VR/AR nascent industry  
  • A case study example of how VR/AR is being adopted and integrated into a company engaged in the media/entertainment/media tech industry and what the company hopes to achieve, how, and when.
  • Why is VR/AR not just a phase? VR/AR has been around for two decades and keeps restarting and evolving from motion enhancement, bulky viewers and headsets, 3D projection, etc. 
  • How will VR/AR enhance incumbent business models and what might be the upside, and when?

If interested in attenting, email kris@thevrara.com