Everything VR & AR Podcast: Magic Leap


Magic Leap. Two words that make up the name of the company that many consider to be the unicorn of the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industry.

To this date we have seen no real life demonstrations, but a number of short videos that can make your jaw drop as you watch whales leaping out of a gymnasium floor while numerous school children cheer or the destruction of enemy robot attackers inside a home office.

Is this really what Magic Leap looks to unveil for the world when they do pull the curtain back on what they have been working on with financial backing of over $1.5 billion dollars?

Karl Guttag knows quite a few things about patents and display technology and has been doing some research into the patents that Magic Leap has and has been sharing his findings on his personal blog which has been getting quite some attention as he tries to solve the puzzle that is Magic Leap.

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