Highlights from the launch event of the Amsterdam Chapter

Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh, Amsterdam Chapter President at the VR/AR Association

An eclectic crowd of local startups and companies in Holland, as well as visitors from neighboring countries like Belgium and Germany, came together last night to celebrate the launch of the VR/AR Association in Amsterdam.

Chapter President, Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh, spoke alongside Benjamin de Wit, co-organizer of the VR Days Europe conference happening on November 3rd to 6th and Robert Breton, CEO of the VRappstore, who announced the VRackathon that takes place at VR Days Europe. The hackathon is part of a series in which 6 challenges are presented to teams that are based on using immersive technology to make a difference in positively impacting societal ills like fear and violence.

The event was run in partnership with StartupAmsterdam, the government initiative that works to evangelize, catalyze, and rally the creative energies of the startup and tech community in the Netherlands' capital while continually building new bridges and resources to help foreign startups and companies plant their roots in the iCapital of Europe.

All of this magic was hosted at VRBASE, the incubator, accelerator (the first in Europe), and studio dedicated to supporting the VR/AR industry, and leading the mission to mark Amsterdam as the VR Capital of Europe.

Robert Breton, CEO at VRappstore