VRARA NYC: Interview with Diego Fiorentin

The VR/AR Association recently sat down with Diego Fiorentin, head of business development for Squadability, an Uruguay-based software development company (with a new office in NYC) committed to delivering high-quality content and elevating the user experience. 

Fiorentin, 32, founded Squadability in 2015 after selling his software factory, intent on breaking barriers and serving as a vessel for change and problem-solving. It does not take long to see that Fiorentin is an optimistic man, so much so that his faith in ‘randomness’ to generate digital value is refreshing, particularly in a time where it seemed we were at risk of divorcing science and technology from a sense of engagement and meaning. Squadability carries this same philosophy to enact real change with virtual tools. For Fiorentin and his company, new technologies are synonymous with new answers. One such instance of their dedication to problem-solving lied in the lack of public ambulances in Brazil. Their response to this was the development of a mobile app operating under the same general structure of “summon-by-smartphone” technologies such as Uber. This time, however, the app alerts any nearby medical personnel and requests medical attention for immediate assistance. This, however, is only the beginning of Squadability’s quest to approach AR technology heuristically. “Augmented reality,” Fiorentin remarks, “is an extension of our senses, helping us see the details, providing a higher quality life”. 

Check out the video below for more details, as well as this week’s recap of virtual and augmented reality news.