Given that New York City is a metropolitan hub for national & international businesses, institutions, and organizations, the VRARA NYC chapter represents the coming-together of brilliant minds all over the VR/AR ecosystem, from original content creators & creative distributors to innovative hardware companies to ambitious researchers. Also, VRARA NYC works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, giving you world-wide reach and potential. 


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115 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

(650) 690 5361


Kris Kolo President, NYC kris@thevrara.com  Twitter

Dex Yee Outreach Ambassador dex@thevrara.com 

Adaora Udoji, Advisor

Chris Pfaff, Advisor

Cortney Harding, Advisor

Kris Kolo was an Advisor, Board Member, to FlyBy Media, an AR tech startup, acquired by Apple. In addition, Kris was an executive at Toys R Us and Verizon. At Toys R Us, Kris was working on digital in-store initiatives and shopping solutions, including VR AR with Metaio.  At Verizon, Kris was responsible for Media, Entertainment, and Location-Based apps & platforms; Kris was collaborating with Wikitude to integrate AR Navigation into Verizon's GPS Navigation.

Adaora Udoji makes, produces, and invests in media at the intersection of emerging technology.  She is also an adjunct professor at NYU, the Tisch School, Interactive Telecommunications Program. Adaora is an  award winning storyteller who produces film, video, virtual reality and augmented reality media.  She’s worked across both the creative and business sides of broadcast television, digital natives and venture capital in a variety of roles:  corporate strategist, executive, producer,  correspondent/anchor, and angel investor. Previously, she was interim president of the highly acclaimed media-tech startup, News Deeply; which Time Magazine calls, “the future of news.   This followed a career in broadcast news working across multiple platforms:  television, cable, radio and the internet at networks, public radio and digital native outlets( ABC News, CNN, and public radio).  Her recognitions include the following:  2005 Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University and Peabody Awards (CNN); and by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for (ABC News).  Essence Magazine named her among the 25 most influential African-Americans. Fast Company, The Montclair Magazine and Black Enterprise, among others have profiled her work. 

Cortney Harding is a professor, author, and the founder of Friends With Holograms, an agency that helps brands, advertisers, and entertainment companies understand VR and other emerging technologies. Harding teaches a series of seminars that explain best practices for using VR, creating content, and staying up-to-date on the latest technical developments in the space. She also offers consulting for brands and agencies who want to make the leap into VR, using her deep network of connections to put them together with the best partners to make their visions a reality. Prior to launching Friends With Holograms, Harding worked on partnerships for Moth+Flame VR, which has produced content for brands like AT&T, Ram Trucks, and Discovery Communications. She spent several years consulting for music-tech companies and before that, served as the music editor at Billboard Magazine. Harding has released two books: "How We Listen Now: Essays and Conversations About Music and Technology" and “How We’ll Listen Next: The Future of Music From Streaming to Virtual Reality.” She is also the co-editor of the Music Business Toolbox and the second edition of “Music Success in Nine Weeks,” and writes regularly for Cuepoint and Upload VR, among other outlets. Additionally, Harding is a professor at the Clive Davis School of Music at NYU, and has been a frequent speaker at conferences like SXSW, Further Future, VRDC, VRLA, and Creative Tech Week.

VRARA NYC has been instrumental in helping Mativision expanding overseas from London. Introductions to major brands and helping build brand awareness in the US market are only some of the activities that are offered via our membership and are already driving value for us. We definitely see VRARA NYC playing a crucial role as we establish ourselves in the US market. Thanks guys!
— George Kapellos. Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Mativision
VRARA NYC has played a tremendous role in helping to get the word out about Touchstone VR’s consumer insights services and research reports and connecting us with key VRARA partners in the U.S. Since we became members, our VR/AR research has been featured in over 25 major media publications across the world. VRARA NYC is the answer we have been waiting for to help us build up the VR AR community here on the East Coast and at the same time expanding our connections with other amazing VRARA members across the globe. We look forward to attending future VRARA NYC sponsored events and continued partnerships with VRARA members in the years to come.
— Aaron Burch, President, Touchstone Research, Inc.
The VRARA NYC Chapter has given us the boost we needed to get into the places we need to be. In a short time, the exposure to major strategic partners like the USPS, Venture Capital Investors and Major Corporate clients has given us the opportunity of a lifetime in the VR space. We continuously leverage our VRARA team and member community to gain access to the most important contacts to make our business grow.
— Dennis Adamo, Commercial Director & COO, SpaceoutVR


Connect and build strong relationships with key players in the VR/AR ecosystem through VRARA or partner-hosted events in NYC and beyond.


Work with innovators in the VR/AR ecosystem across all verticals, from original content creators to innovative hardware companies.


Gain unlimited, exclusive access to VRARA research and publications, or, when applicable, receive discounts to third-party reports.