Vancouver is a national & international hub for technology, the VRARA Vancouver chapter represents the coming-together of brilliant minds across the VR/AR/MR ecosystem, from original content creators & creative distributors to innovative hardware companies and ambitious researchers. Also, VRARA Vancouver works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, giving you world-wide reach and potential. 

 Check out the full VR Scout Article  here

Check out the full VR Scout Article here


As leaders in the VR/AR & Mixed Reality community, it’s important to continue to grow the ecosystem and advance the technology along, especially in our own community. We’re at a time where education and discovery is crucial of what this technology can achieve and how it can help companies to develop their strategic thinking to roadmap their future. I’m excited to help lead this initiative in Vancouver and bringing together people from different industries to understand the power of immersive technology.
— Vancouver Chapter President Message


Connect and build strong relationships with key players in the VR/AR ecosystem through VRARA or partner-hosted events in Vancouver and beyond.


Work with innovators in the VR/AR ecosystem across all verticals, from original content creators to innovative hardware companies.


Gain unlimited, exclusive access to VRARA research and publications, or, when applicable, receive discounts to third-party reports. 







Vancouver BC, Canada


Dan BurgarPresident

Email: dan.burgar@archiactvr.com

Dan Burgar is the Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Archiact, North America's fastest growing and largest dedicated VR/MR content & strategy studio. Dan's an evangelist for VR/AR and MR technologies and his mission has been to continually advancing immersive technology as a productive tool that can change the world. His focus is educating and strategizing with Fortune 500 brands to help them roadmap for the future.

Tony Bevilacqua, Director

Founder and CEO at CognitiveVR

Leon Ng, Director

Founder at LNG Studios

James Rout, Director

Associate Vice-President, Education Support and Innovation at BCIT

Anne-Marie Enns, Director

Event Producer at Archiact

Charles Lavigne, Director 

Co-Founder and Chief Llama at LlamaZoo

Daniel Japiassu, Director


Charla Pereira, Director

Senior Design Manager 

Nancy Basi, Director

Executive Director, Digital Entertainment and Interactive - Strategic Initiatives and Sector Development at Vancouver Economic Commission

Alex Chuang, Board Advisor

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Launch Academy

Ken Ha, Creative Director

Laura Ryu, Marketing & Communications Manager


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Dec 8 - 10 - Cascadia VR - VR/AR Association Pacific Roadshow (Seattle, Portland & San Francisco)

Dec 5, 2016 - VR/AR Association Vancouver Launch: VR/AR/MR The Future of Computing Photos 


Collaboration and insight. We are part of two committees with professionals that are open to share and learn from each other. Being part of the VRARA means being part of an inclusive group of professionals playing with one of the most powerful storytelling tools that’s ever existed.
— Domain7
We’re excited to be part of VRARA and be in a position to make an impact in the VR community in Vancouver. Our opportunity with VRARA has given us access to it’s expanding network that helped us excel and break through into the global market. We continue to look forward in working with VRARA members as we venture into this new wealth of opportunity.
— LNG Studios

Interested in sponsoring or becoming a member? Contact us dan@thevrara.com