Taiwan is sometimes called the "Asian Miracle", a small island of just 23.5 million people, yet it has become one of the top 20 economies in the world, hub of APAC/ASEAN and bridge to China.  Taiwan is currently undergoing a digital renaissance with billions of dollars being dedicated to building a "Asian Silicon Valley" and "5 + 2" Industrial Innovation Plan. Taiwan has some of the best talent in the world, consistently ranking in the top 3 of engineering scores.  The Digital Giants are investing heavily to develop Emerging Technologies in Taiwan.  Taiwan provides a wonderful environment to do business or start a company.  One can now find literally hundreds of startup events, incubators and accelerators.  Besides all this Taiwan is consistently listed as one of the top 10 or 20 Best Places in the World to Live, Best Places to Travel, Best Places for Foreigners to Live and Work!


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Chapter President: David Hall taiwan@thevrara.com

David has 30 years experience between and among the corporate world, academia, government and startups in every part of the globe, having co-founded/helped build some 10 startups, held Fortune 500 Management positions, and spent 7 years pursuing graduate studies at Harvard University, Indiana University in the US and  in cultural/Mandarin Language studies in China, held Washington DC fellowships and served in the US Peace Corps.    David is CEO of USBCT in Taipei, focusing on Emerging Technologies such as applying AVR + AI to Healthcare/Medical/Biotech/Pharma for Industry and Education. David believes in making the world a better place through the use of emerging technology, empowering workers and students to give them more opportunities and make their lives better. David has lived and traveled to some 45 countries, is a lover of learning, art, philanthropy, social causes, a futurist thinker that is forever contemplating the riddle of life through thought and experience.  David is now a permanent resident of the beautiful island of Taiwan where he enjoys daily ocean sunsets, long walks, mountain hiking, and other family activities with his wife Fion and daughter Caitlin Ayn.


Chapter VP: Julie Yuan 

Julie is the head of business development at EpixVR. She is heavily involved in providing value and knowledge-sharing to companies and organizations seeking to incorporate VR/AR into their company ecosystem, including brand image building. She is also working towards building a network of AR/VR professionals and spearheading potential projects involving cross-collaboration between different companies and organizations.

Julie is actively seeking ways to use VR/AR as a tool for empathy building. Environmental sustainability, humanitarian, animal protection and education are a few areas that she deeply cares about and she wishes to utilize the power of immersive technology for raising awareness and promote behavioral change for good. Seeing and believing in the potential of local talents, she is working on bringing them to the global stage by offering them opportunities to showcase their work, to network, and to participate in the discussion for setting standards for this emerging industry.



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