VR Stories & Audiences Committee 

Interested to participate, co-chair, or sponsor? Email info@thevrara.com  

Thank you to the Committee sponsors: 

ADVR is pleased to sponsor this committee as it shares the VR/AR Association’s commitment to creating content that not only delights and connects people, but retains and engages as well. ADVR provides an intelligent monetization and measurement solution for VR and AR worlds, allowing developers and creatives to build unique and thriving business models.
— advr.io


This committee will create best practices, guidelines, and call to actions (e.g., recommendations for standards) for VR Experiences in order to grow the audience (user base) for VR. 


  1. Jeff Olm, JauntVR
  2. TBA

Participants include representatives from: 

  1. ADVR
  2. A+E Networks
  3. Finger Food Studios
  4. HBO 
  5. Media Combo
  6. SecondMuse
  8. The Associated Press
  9. The Virtual Reality Girl
  10. Wrestler
  11. VRScout
  12. You?

Working Group


USA TODAY NETWORK is the producer of the StoryNEXT VR event and Creator, VRtually There, first ever weekly VR news experience.

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