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VR/AR Association Online Conference

The VR/AR Association Online Conference

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The Biggest VR AR Online Event

Jan 16-Feb 8, 2018

5500+ RSVPs

70+ Speakers (with live Q&A)

10 symposiums (tracks): Education, Enterprise, Training, Storytelling, Retail, AEC, Marketing, Advertising, WebVR, Arcades/LBE/Haptics

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The VR/AR Association's Industry Committees are hosting the below symposiums (tracks) with video presentations, demos, and live Q&A. Attend to learn about best practices, solutions for your use case, and ROI.



Jan 16: VR & AR in Education

To attend register here and read about the Committee here

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Jan 17: VR & AR in Training

To attend register here and read about the Committee here

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Jan 18: VR & AR in Retail 

To attend register here and read about the Committee here

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Jan 22: VR & AR in Marketing & Advertising

To attend register here and read about the Marketing Committee here and Ad Committee here

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Jan 23: VR & AR in Location Based Entertainment, Arcades, Haptics 

To attend register here and read about the Committee here

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Jan 24: VR & AR in Enterprise

To attend register here and read about the Committee here

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Jan 29: VR & AR in Storytelling

To attend register here and see a preview of presentations here 

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Feb 1: VR & AR in WebVR and WebAR 

To attend register here

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Feb 8: VR & AR in Architecture AEC

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YOU ARE HERE is an immersive experience lab that helps agencies and brands engage customers with a strategic mix of VR AR innovation technologies for events, marketing, and training all over the world. John Buzzell will discuss how the lab is creating meaningful and measurable experiences across all platforms. Clients include AT&T, Porsche, Cartoon Network, Lexus, the NBA, Carnival Cruises, Coca-Cola, Aflac, Southern Company and the National Safety Council. Career highlights include roles at Adult Swim, NASCAR & PGA, Discovery, Sony, AOL, Sprint, Comcast, and for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. 

To attend John's presentation, register for the Marketing track here


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Using Atheer’s Augmented interactive Reality (AiR™) technologies, industrial enterprises are finding ways to re-envision work and improve the productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety of their skilled industrial workforce. Atheer works with the world’s industrial enterprises across manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, logistics, retail, medical, energy, and field technical services. Amar Dhaliwal, SVP Marketing and Product, will discuss how AR is the next generation of enterprise computing and how he helps today's industrial leaders connect their digital and physical work spaces and transform the way they do work.

To attend Amar's presentation, register for the Enterprise track here


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Aisle411 creates the WOW factor for your customers by adding AR to your venue. With its technology you can reach the customer, in the right place with the right message at the right time. Increase your revenue by engaging guests experience, guide them to products or areas of interest and drive basket lift. Measure and monitor customer behavior and optimize product placement based on store traffic with our data analytics. Easily deploy 3D models of your products for AR and VR commerce apps and websites. Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder and CEO, will present how Aisle411 is leveraging new 3D scanning technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan high-resolution 3D imagery of products, including spatial mapping of the dimensions of the product, and digitally tags the product with product attribute data.

To attend Nathan's presentation, register for the Retail track here


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