VRARA Training Program - Class & Workshop Schedule

The following online classes are offered to VR/AR Association Members for free or discounted (apply for Membership here). Our instructors have delivered more than 20 courses, and taught over 1000 professionals and enthusiasts how to begin creating VR & AR apps.

Training Partners

As a Member of our VR/AR Association, you get discounts to classes and workshops for the following providers: 

Call for Instructors 

In response to requests from members and the industry at large, VRARA is building a Training ecosystem and we want to partner with leaders and experts in the industry to offer VR/AR training courses and workshops around the world. 

As VR AR move more towards the mainstream through the development of new, more affordable consumer technologies and in the enterprise, the industry needs to teach professionals to be equipped with the right skills for the careers within the industry. This includes programmers, UX designers, as well as executives in marketing and product management roles. 

If you're interested in being part of this program let us know what you would like to teach and in which city, along with your credentials. Email us info@thevrara.com 

Interested in Taking the Training Sessions?  

Let us know what training needs you may have and what classes you would like to take (and in which city.) Email us info@thevrara.com