Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, a city known for its innovative and lavish style, a city where out of this world ideas see reality and a historical trading hub for national & international businesses, hence the VRARA Dubai chapter represents an aim of creating a platform to make VR & AR flourish in UAE. Developing an ecosystem which will encourage leading players in AR & VR to collaborate with startups, connect entrepreneurs with resources and create a pathway leading to the execution of innovative applications and best practices.

VRARA Dubai Chapter brings together the local and the global talent, to create a community of AR & VR innovators right from the original content creators & creative distributors, innovative hardware companies and to ambitious researchers. Also, VRARA Dubai works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, giving you worldwide reach and potential. 


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Connect and build strong relationships with key players in the VR/AR ecosystem through VRARA or partner-hosted events.


Work with innovators in the VR/AR ecosystem across all verticals, from original content creators to innovative hardware companies.


Gain unlimited, exclusive access to VRARA research and publications, or, when applicable, receive discounts to third-party reports. 


Shujat Mirza , Chapter President, MENA shujat@thevrara.com  LinkedIn

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Shujat is an ardent fan of AR and VR tech and ever since his introduction to AR in 2010, he has been following, preaching and propagating these new age technologies and its content very passionately over the years.

His career spans over 10 years while working with reputed media and advertising firms like WPP, Times Internet, Network18, Radio City to name few. He was Group Head for WPP for southern India before moving to Dubai and was the business head for ALIVE middle east, an AR platform from Times Of India Group in Dubai from 2015. He was at the helm of creating a very first AR campaign in middle for an FMCG major and has consulted the likes of Bosch, DFM, Nissan, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Ford and Range Rover.

Shujat has been collaborating with top media agencies in UAE as well to create traction and build a market for VR & AR technology.

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Dr Sana Farid, Chapter Co-President

Dr. Sana Farid is a pioneer X Reality and Ai Strategist, an avid researcher determined to use future tech solutions for societal well-being. Her ongoing research with NGOs seeking to counter malnutrition and neonatal diseases in 3rd world countries, assisting them to develop awareness through immersive technologies and artificial intelligence. Dr. Sana has made remarkable contributions in extending the benefits of technology through government and non-governmental initiatives. Through her deep knowledge and experience in the areas of thought leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology, she has envisioned, strategized and streamlined AI/AR/VR-based programs in various sectors including healthcare, aviation, education and public services, following are Dr Sana Farid’s affiliations:

  • Qualified General Surgeon

  • Ambassador Women of Wearables MENA chapter

  • Top 100 women who transformed Bahrain 2018

  • Ranking top among 101 women in ARVR worldwide 2017/18

Danny Tawil, Chapter Advisor

Digital Transformation Leader. Founder and CEO of Vynets; a software development house utilizing virtual reality technology for developing innovative business applications to transform business models and work processes; enabling customers to positively drive business performance and disrupt competition while creating a sustainable competitive advantage.