The VRARA strives to foster Research and Education throughout the member community and assist in sharing that content with other members. By sharing knowledge, the entire market becomes more efficient, effective and profitable.  The VRARA facilitates this through several tactics as described below:

Third Party Research with leading Research and Analyst Firms:

Contracted Research Studies: The VRARA contracts with 3rd party research firms and analysts to conduct research and reports that are key topics requested by the VRARA members. These can be simple national surveys, or in-depth reports including interviews with thought leaders and key experts on the given topic.

Discounts on Existing Reports: The VRARA works to negotiate special rates for VRARA members at agencies, analyst firms and research firms to provide added savings.

ARtillry Insights - Intelligence Subscription Service:  VRARA has partnered with SF-based intelligence firm ARtillry to provide a bundled research package. Consisting of industry data and insights, it will equip subscribers in the AR and VR sectors to make informed business decisions. See more here

University Partner Program

Industry Sponsored Research - The Association facilitates connecting companies globally that have interest in sponsoring University led research in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem.  This includes technology development and testing, market research, psychological impacts of VR and AR technology, medical implications and uses, and how journalism and content creation will be impacted through virtual reality and augmented reality channels.

VR and AR Certification Courses and Training - The Association can help facilitate connecting other member companies with certified and trained talent, through internships and job opportunities as well as feedback to the university on key subject matter for both basic and advanced course knowledge requirements.

Internships & Job Placement - the Association has internship opportunities for students. Also, the Association helps place students in full time jobs at leading VR AR companies. 

Mentorship Programs - the Association assists in creating mentorship programs for students to work with industry leading companies in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Distribution of Research - The Association helps distribute research reports, summaries, case studies and experiences through the newsletter, and directly to other member companies.

Promotion and Exposure for University Programs  - Through promotion in the VR/AR Association Newsletter, the Everything VR & AR Podcast, and panel and speaking opportunities at regional and global chapter events.

VRARA Member Community

Playbooks: Playbooks are designed to focus on major topics of interest within the VR/AR community. A select committee of expert members is formed and works together to develop a go-to-market playbook for a given topic, designed to help brands, agencies, content providers, educators, solution providers, etc. so they are more efficient and have a better opportunity for better ROI on their initiatives.

Case Studies: Members share real-world case studies that assist other members and customers in deploying VR and AR solutions.

Test Market Participation: Get early access to alpha and beta tests. Typically, this involves member solution providers offering special access to other members willing to try the latest innovative solutions and experiences in VR and AR before they go to market.

Member Research: Research generated by members willing to share that information with other members. The VRARA assists in distributing this content on the VRARA website, newsletter, and through 3rd party media partners.

Member Articles: The VRARA shares articles featuring other members, which typically includes unique findings and innovative features.

VRARA Newsletter and Blog:

Member Blog Posts: Members can submit blog posts to be featured on the VRARA blog, showcasing thought leadership, new case studies, etc. Member blog posts must be approved by the VRARA with the main focus on being educational and informative.

Sponsored Blog Posts: Non-members may from time-to-time be featured on the VRARA blog. These posts must be approved by the VRARA and be focused on being educational and informative so that they provide value to members. Links to companies and resources are generally allowed so as long as they are relevant to the educational topic in the blog post.

The VRARA Newsletter: The newsletter is used as a key distribution channel for members to share their knowledge, findings and achievements among other non-members and members. Non-members get notified of new research and case studies from members, while VRARA members get access to the full content.