Sarah Hill of StoryUp VR

Sarah Hill, who is the CEO and Chief Storyteller of StoryUp VR guests on Everything VR & AR to talk about their focus on creating memorable virtual & augmented reality journalistic experiences.

On this episode we discuss a recent trip to Congo to capture a story about personal mobility devices that are necessary to help those in the area who have lost the use of their legs due to disease.

We also discuss some of the equipment that the team uses to capture this fantastic footage including the Theta S from RICOH and software called Liquid Cinema to help direct the viewers attention to what the storyteller wants views to focus on.

Finally we wrap up our discussion talking about Sarah's passion for being able to provide VR experiences for military veterans of World War II which allows these veterans to virtually visit the World War II Memorial in Washington DC and other places around the world through programs called Honor Flight and Honor Everywhere which you can learn more about here.


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