Kris Kolodziej of New York VR/AR Association chapter

As the VR/AR Association continues to expand around the world and grow with new members excited at the future of virtual & augmented reality. On this episode we feature Kris Kolodziej, better known as Kris Kolo, who is the New York chapter president of the VR/AR Association who has quite a bit of experience in the space.

Kris shares some of his background, memorable experiences with his time using virtual & augmented reality devices and also shares some information regarding some upcoming events happening in New York.

There is also a possibility that the host of Everything VR & AR, Kevin Harvell, will be in New York at one of the upcoming chapter events recording some live interviews. So if you are in the New York area, make sure to put the following dates on your calendars:


Connect with Kris Kolo and the NYC Chapter

To connect with Kris and get connected and involved with the New York City Chapter of the VR/AR Association, you can do so the following ways: