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Houston is an international center for technology, and the VRARA Houston chapter represents the re-imagination of how we create, educate, and work using VR and AR. Also, VRARA Houston works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, giving you world-wide reach and potential. 

As the 4th largest city in the United States, Houston is a melting pot of culture, talent, and innovation well known for our Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Technology industries.  Also called The City With No Limits,  Houston is full of opportunities to apply VR/AR technologies in all of these industries as well as the burgeoning digital entertainment and gaming industry.  

The mission of the Houston Chapter of the VR/AR Association is to build a community of businesses and individuals who embrace this technology’s potential to solve challenges in business, education and community.  By creating and supporting this community we hope to help our members create new ideas, new businesses, new products, and new applications of VR/AR that will inform, entertain, and make work and life better.  

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Chapter Co-President position available - email info@thevrara.com

Chad Modad, Chapter Co-President chad@thevrara.com 

Chad is a technology executive and entrepreneur with a background in software systems (embedded, real-time, OS, mobile, and web), product development, and building businesses with a career that spans 25 years in a diverse set of industries (human space flight, telecommunications, defense, oil and gas, computer manufacturing, management consulting, and automation systems).  Chad got his start in VR as far back as 1991 as part of a NASA project to better train astronauts and then later as part of the University of Houston’s Research Park developing VR applications.  Today Chad is the Chief Innovation Officer for a Digital Agency that focuses on the application of technology in the framework of Human Centric Design to help industrial companies on their Digital Transformation journey.  Chad is also an active member of the Houston VR Meetup Group and founded one of Houston’s first VR Arcades, Omniverse VR.  Chad has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Houston, and an MBA from Rice University.  Chad enjoys good food and plays bad golf.

Andrew Barendrecht Chapter Leadership Team andrewb@thevrara.com

Andrew has over 28 years of experience in digital transformation, knowledge management and business transformation. Currently Andrew provides advice in multiple industries on how to optimize digital planning, organizational collaboration and business readiness.  He is skilled at identifying organizational business needs and optimizing operations with enabling technologies.

With a background in information and knowledge management, Andrew’s focus always has been on how to optimize organizational operations, including: business models, decision making, business readiness, compliance and knowledge sharing. While technology is often the enabler to improve business performance, it is not in itself an end goal. Andrew has also actively supported innovation groups such as Shell’s gamechanger teams in how to identify, track and leverage new technologies and concepts

Much of his work has been done in large scale, international organizations (30.000+ staff) and with highly disruptive technologies. During his career Andrew has worked in such organizational transformation roles as global compliance, disruptive technology adaption and global knowledge sharing for companies such as Shell, European Space Agency, Chevron and many others. He has filled roles such as CIO for Shell Research and Chief Digital officer for Virginia Mason Hospital.  

Andrew has also consulted for many technologies start-ups, providing him with insight into the most advanced technology capabilities. Currently, Andrew’s passion is identifying disruptive technologies (VR,AR, Drone, AI) and business transformation methods (Gig Economy, Adaptive business) and applying them in new industries and start-ups.



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