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Immersive Learning in the Workplace - Houston

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We'll be presenting the latest VR/AR industry news, including notable successful deployments of immersive technology in an enterprise setting. The topic for this event is Immersive Learning in the Workplace. 

We will cover what Immersive Learning the Workplace looks like today and in the near-future. This will include best practices for creating the business case, finding a service provider to develop the experience and a few examples of really good Immersive learning applications. 

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to Apr 26

Attend the ADP Talent Development Tech Conference - Houston (Keynote is on VR in the Enterprise!)

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How can technology take your talent development efforts to the next level?

  • Learn about the latest technology trends.
  • Hear from thought leaders and practitioners who are on the leading edge of this new frontier.
  • Meet your peers who are also passionate about the intersection of technology and learning. You’ll walk away with a new set of contacts to bounce ideas off of and learn best practices from.

Morning Keynote:  VR in the Enterprise: What Works and What Doesn’t
Marco Faccini, Chief commercial officer and CLO at Immerse Learning. 

Conference website here

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to Nov 7

Immersive Technology Conference ITC - Houston

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The Immersive Technology Conference is one of the only industry events specifically created to foster the use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality technologies for non-gaming/non-entertainment applications. Our event focuses on the “R” (reality) of VR and AR technologies. Event website here

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