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What VR & AR Mean for Charleston

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There is a massive shift coming in how humans interact with the digital world. Instead of moving a mouse around a desk or tapping on a 2-dimensional screen, we are now able to reach out and touch objects with virtual hands in virtual worlds, or watch as digital objects come to life in your own room, yard or factory.

At this event you'll get a chance to hear from and talk with people and companies in the community who are actively pushing forward with this exciting new technology. Not only that, we will have several devices set up for you to try, including an Oculus Rift for Virtual Reality, an Oculus Go, and a Magic Leap One for Augmented Reality. We will also have Augmented Reality demos running on iPads, the AR device that many people may not even realize they own.


  • 5:30-6:30 - Experience VR/AR demos, plus Appetizers, Drinks and Networking

  • 6:30-7:30 - Speakers - "What do Virtual and Augmented Reality mean for Charleston?"

  • 7:30-8:30 - More networking, drinks and demos.

You'll also hear about ways to stay connected with the VR/AR community of Charleston including regular meetups and online forums, plus how to connect with the Global VR/AR Association online and through events around the world.

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Creating Virtual Reality - Charleston

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Things you'll get to do at this event:

— Share a drink and some appetizers (or dinner if you like) with people who are interested in VR/AR. I'll put out the first round of apps, and there will be servers there to bring drinks or other food.

— Try out an Oculus Rift and Oculus Go if you haven't (I'll bring at least those along. If you have other rigs that are semi-portable and you're willing to share, please bring them at 5:30 for setup.)

— Hear about creating in 3D. This will be an overview talk that goes over the high level basics of how to get started with the art, programming, modeling, etc.

We'll cover the options of Unity, Unreal, or Web VR, as well as creating art with Maya, Blender, and even inside VR with Oculus Medium. If you have any experience creating with 2D graphics programs or in programming for the web or other platforms but haven't tried for 3D, there are some differences, but you'll probably be surprised how many parallels there are and how much the software does for you.

If you love VR or are fascinated by where it's headed but haven't thought about creating for it yet, this is just the talk for you. If you're a creator but have never tried VR, then come early to give it a try and I'm pretty sure you'll walk away loving it. If you're a pro at this and know the basics already, then come and share your perspective as well and hang out with folks who feel like this stuff if the future. Whatever the case, see you then!

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