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Smart Manufacturing Experience - Boston

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Walk into the Virtual Factory and see the integration of machines, systems and data that drives Smart Manufacturing. Virtual and augmented reality demonstrations bring technology to life in an immersive-learning setting. See live factory analytics, virtual machine demonstrations, and modeling and simulation live and in person.

Why attend Smart Manufacturing Experience? Smart Manufacturing Experience will highlight advanced technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. If you’re not using them to improve your operations, you should be. Don’t get left behind. Experience these transformative technologies:

  • Industrial IoT/Big Data/ VR AR

Hands-on, live technology demonstrationsSmart Manufacturing leverages the power of advanced manufacturing technologies to improve your bottom line and advance your manufacturing operations in real time. Harness the power of the current industrial revolution. Come away with the knowledge that advanced manufacturing technology is within your reach – find your inspiration at the Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018.

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