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The Business of Virtual Reality: Redefining the Boundaries for Technology - LA

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Join the TechCouncil of Southern CA on August 23rd at Google’s offices in Irvine for an evening with virtual reality experts, thought leaders and peers.

Virtual reality technology is rapidly advancing and companies are starting to look beyond the hype to harness the business potential provided by VR. With the virtual world becoming more and more dominant in our everyday lives the business case for VR is more concrete than ever. Come and meet the rising stars of the VR universe as we discuss the value VR can inject into your business and what it takes to deliver on that potential.  Enjoy good food and drinks while we explore the rise of virtual reality.

Featured Speakers:

Fezyi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology

Fezyi is a Silicon Valley veteran of a Fortune 100 and multiple disruptive technology start-ups. He currently serves as the CEO of Corent Technology – that was named among the Top 10 Most Valuable Cloud Solution Providers in 2017.

Mats Johansson, Co-founder, President & CEO, EON Reality Inc. 
Mats W. Johansson is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of EON Reality Inc. which is the world’s leading interactive 3D software and simulations based learning provider for businesses and education based on Virtual Reality technology.

Robert Brown, Founder & CEO, MERIDIAN AR
Robert is the Founder & CEO of MERIDIAN AR, a Cognitive Mixed Reality (MR+) platform for enterprise. 

Adam Tuliper, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft
Adam is a Principal Software Engineer for Microsoft working with local and worldwide developers. 

Guy Bendov, Founder & CEO, SidekickVR
Guy Bendov has more than 14 years experience as the founder, president and CEO of hi-tech companies in the interactive entertainment technologies market. 

Brad Spahr, VP, Head of Emerging Technology, Sony Music Entertainment
Brad oversees emerging technology strategy at Sony Music with an emphasis on virtual reality, mobile applications, games, and new venture incubation.