HumanEyes Technologies Sponsors the VR/AR Global Summit

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Founded in 2000, HumanEyes is a team of veterans in the 3D and animated content creation, display and processing and a pioneer of the lenticular printing solutions for the Graphic Arts industry. With over 70 patents in various fields of 3D and photographic 3D, we have become experts in VR and computer vision. We believe Virtual Reality will become a major communication platform and Humaneyes will be a leading player in its VR ecosystem.

The VR/AR Global Summit may well be the catalyst the industry needs to accelerate and monetize this next phase of immersive and interactive technologies. Humaneyes Technologies has elected to not only attend but also sponsor the event, capitalizing on networking, collaboration, teaching and learning opportunities from the industry’s brightest minds.
— Jim Malcolm, GM, HumanEyes Technologies (Vuze)

Register for the VR/AR Global Summit here