8th Wall

8th Wall Unveils Release 12 for WebAR with endless Image Targets, a PlayCanvas integration, new launch controls and more!

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Hold onto your keyboards, 8th Wall is rolling out some new features that are going to improve the way you build with WebAR.

Extended Image Target Support

Up to 1,000 Image Targets

If you’ve ever had a hankering for uploading outrageous amounts of image targets to a single WebAR project, now you can! With 8th Wall’s latest release you can upload trigger images to your heart’s content. Not only that, but your WebAR project can also scan for up to 10 of those images simultaneously.

That means that you can build one app with a thousand image targets all while within the same WebAR experience. Go wild.

8th Wall image targets have the ability to work in tandem with our SLAM engine, giving you the flexibility to design experiences that interact with image targets as well as the physical space around you.

Front-Facing Camera for Image Target Detection 🤳

You can also now use your front-facing camera to recognize image targets, allowing you to design a WebAR experience that triggers AR activations while in selfie mode.

PlayCanvas Integration

We’re pleased to announce that we now support an integration with the web-based game engine, PlayCanvas. Build a WebAR experience using the PlayCanvas Editor, add 8th Wall to your project, then publish to the mobile web. Get started with a sample project here.

New Self-Serve Launch Controls

If you have an Agency or Business account, you can now launch your own WebAR campaign without having to talk to us first! And, you can schedule the end date of that campaign directly in the Console. Here’s how it works:

Creating a New Commercial WebAR Project

  1. From the Dashboard, click “Create a new project”

  2. Name your web app, then select Commercial to purchase a Develop License

  3. If you have a custom commercial use agreement with us, that will appear in your account (otherwise, a standard 8th Wall commercial use agreement will display.) Click “Accept” and proceed to checkout.

Launching Your Commercial WebAR Project

  1. Within your web app in the Dashboard, click on “Promote to” next to Develop (if you’ve already purchased the Develop License.)

  2. Promote the project to Launch.

  3. Select your desired Launch License and proceed to checkout.

Scheduling Your Commercial WebAR Project

Within your web app in the Dashboard, under Campaign Duration, select either “Ongoing” or “Schedule an end date and time.” You can always edit the campaign end date if you’d like to extend it or end it sooner. When your campaign ends, it will automatically route to the Redirect URL you’ve provided.

Try It Now

These features and fixes will update automatically ✨ View a full list of Release 12 updates here.