VRARA’s Bangkok Chapter aims to lead and assist our local ecosystem of companies, developers, content creators, producers, educational institutions, academics and students in collaborating knowledge, enhancing innovation and accelerating growth of XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) in Thailand.

Bangkok is on the path to take its economy to the next level with its innovation-focused initiative Thailand 4.0 and its upcoming US$45 billion dollar industrial hub Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Bangkok’s major corporate players recognise the rise in XR and are adapting their strategies and operations to help build Thailand’s 4.0 future, while also expanding their presence both within Bangkok and abroad.


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Chapter President Justin Jobity bangkok@thevrara.com

Justin Jobity is the CEO & Co-Founder of Creative VR Labs (CVRL) and President of the international Virtual Reality & Augmented Realty Association (VRARA) - Bangkok Chapter. His focus is on connecting Asia's VR/AR products, service solutions and start-ups to Western markets. Based in Singapore & Thailand, Justin has spent the last 8 years in the SEA region developing technology solutions for the education and medical tourism industry. Prior to CVRL, Justin spent his career as Managing Director of Cialfo Pte Ltd, Asia’s leading tertiary education platform. Justin is dedicated to growing and organising SEA’s community of VR/AR professionals and investors in Asia. 

VP Adam Dollner

Adam Dollner is the CEO/Founder of HubLearn. He is also the Vice President of the international Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) – Bangkok Chapter. Adam is passionate about Innovation and the Technology of Tomorrow thereby making people’s lives easier. Before leaving his corporate job and putting up the startup HubLearn, Adam had a lead role of building steaming services such as HBO Nordic, Blockbuster, etc. in Denmark’s biggest telco company TDC-Group. Adam has visited more than 70+ countries and in many of those, he stayed for longer periods and contributed his tech skills to 650+ SMBs there. Adam has spent the last 2 years in Thailand & East Africa, sharing knowledge on the use of technology in various industries. He is now based in Bangkok and is focused on implementing immersive technology solutions such as AR/VR into SMBs. He is also creating careers for people with less means in the SEA region. Adam is dedicated to growing and organizing communities of VR/AR professionals, startups and investors in Southeast Asia.



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