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Member Benefits:  

  • Support Team & Community

    • Over 50 Chapters & 100 Staff around the world

    • Over 4200 organizations (companies, brands, universities, etc) and 27000 professionals

    • 20 Committees working groups developing best practices, guidelines and standards

    • Online portal: collaboration with Members around the world. Support in real-time!

    • Networking & introductions

  • Access to knowledge, events, databases:

    • VRARA Events - unlimited attendee passes for all chapter events

    • Publications - best practices & guidelines, case studies, reports, ROI examples, KPIs, infographics, white papers

    • theDirectory - database of contacts and info for over 4200 vendors and brands doing VR AR

  • Programs, participation in:

  • Marketing & Promotion

    • Speaking & exhibit opportunities at VRARA and our partner’s events

    • Get featured on our website (~20K unique visitors per month), in our weekly Newsletter (~25K subscribers), in our Reports, interviewed on our Podcast (thousands of listeners), present in our Webcasts: 100-500+ people attend live, and our last online conference had 10K viewers.

    • Get promoted via our Social Media (~1M reach)

    • Sponsorship opportunities discounts for additional exposure

  • Savings, discounts for:

  • Jobs & Talent

    • Job Board - post your job listings for free

    • Internship & Jobs placement program

  • Resources - see here

Why Join VRARA?

VRARA is a global industry association that strives to offer a connected local & global community of members through its initiatives like the Industry Committees, theDirectory, Resources, and via local Chapters that hold local events. Chapters are run by a local Chapter President that helps coordinate events, case studies, promote member companies and connect and introduce members in the local community and across the globe.

Connecting Customers with Solution Providers

The VRARA is focused on creating a member community of not only VR and AR solution providers and content creators, but also having a large percentage of members being the brands and customers of VR and AR. This serves to accelerate networking, and sharing of knowledge through case studies. 

Creating the Best Experiences and Accelerating Efficient Growth

By connecting cross vertical knowledge at a global scale, the VRARA helps members accelerate their go-to-market strategy. If you're a brand or enterprise looking to deploy a VR or AR solution, there are now thousands of solution providers globally. The VRARA can help you learn from case studies and connect you with the best solution providers for your use case. 

Who Joins VRARA?

  • Media and entertainment companies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Retailers

  • Brands

  • Professional sports teams

  • Software developers

  • Hardware developers

  • Healthcare operators

  • Aerospace and Defense Corporations

  • Real-Estate Architects and Developers

  • Content creators and video producers

  • Academic and entrepreneurship institutions

  • Analysts and research firms


Membership Types:

Membership dues allow the association to fund Chapter events, research and case studies, and provide the infrastructure needed to facilitate assisting members in networking and promoting their services to other members. 

Corporate: Greater than $50M in revenues (all employees get access to benefits) 

Company: With revenue or post-funding less than $50M (all employees get access to benefits) 

Start-Up: No revenue or pre-funding (all employees get access to benefits) 

Universities & Institutions & Non-Profits:  all students, faculty, staff get access to benefits 

Schools & Colleges: Non-Universities (all students, faculty, staff get access to benefits) 

Independent Consultant or Individual: Individuals not part of, or representing a company.

Testimonials from Members

This membership has grown my network and knowledge of the VR/AR industry like no other portion of my professional life.
— Sam Trevino
Joining VRARA right out of the gate was probably the best move we could have made in helping us to build this business. The VR/AR Global Summit was instrumental to getting us on a pathway to success.
— Scott Burns, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, oasisVRX
The VR/AR Association is an outstanding network of imagineers, creators, and supporters. My thanks to VRARA for highlighting IKONA, Inc.’s work and for continuing to help drive meaningful outcomes VR AR in patient education
— Tim Fitzpatrick, CEO at IKONA
VRARA is a wonderful organization with a clear mission. With the launch of Apple’s ARkit and Google’s soon to be launched ARCore, many retailers have integrated VR or AR in some fashion for their mobile applications, however, the quality and simplicity of these features vary drastically depending on the product. We believe there are a lot of standards that still need to be developed in order to help increase adoption of this technology. That’s one of the main reasons we wanted to join VRARA. By being a part of these conversations and helping build these standards, Overstock can continue to give customers the best possible shopping experience.
The VRARA has enabled Epson to connect with the thousands of professionals and companies looking to drive VR/AR forward, and facilitate how VR/AR can help grow their businesses. As a leading manufacturer of AR smart glasses, Epson wants to be deeply involved in VR/AR socialization and education across industries and verticals, which the VRARA facilitates through speaking engagements, conferences, and other events and activities.
— Epson
The 3D/VR/AR ecosystem is very fragmented. VRARA has managed to gather the key players in the space, to foster collaboration and make sure the important discussions which need to happen to push the ecosystem forward are indeed happening. It seemed like a natural fit to join VRARA, to share what we’ve learned over the years and get some feedback on what others are seeing.
— Sketchfab
Joining the VRARA supports our emphasis of maintaining the studio’s VR/AR momentum and we believe that joining the VRARA will increase the studio’s visibility as a primary player in the VR/AR environment.
— Schell Games
Collaboration and insight. We are part of two VRARA committees with professionals that are open to share and learn from each other. Being part of the VRARA means being part of an inclusive group of professionals playing with one of the most powerful storytelling tools that’s ever existed.
— Pound&Grain
VRARA was invaluable for Viar.Live because of the strong support it provides for our company. Our membership in VR/AR Association has made possible for us to get introductions, generated valuable industry connections, and increased visibility for Viar.Live among the potential clients. It allowed Viar.Live to get access to the industry top minds very early on and was instrumental in our growth and understanding of the industry trends.
— Viar.Live
VRARA has been instrumental in helping Mativision expanding overseas from London. Introductions to major brands and helping build brand awareness in the US market are only some of the activities that are offered via our membership and are already driving value for us. We definitely see VRARA NYC playing a crucial role as we establish ourselves in the US market. Thanks guys!
— Mativision
VRARA has played a tremendous role in helping to get the word out about Touchstone VR’s consumer insights services and research reports and connecting us with key VRARA partners in the U.S. Since we became members, our VR/AR research has been featured in over 25 major media publications across the world. VRARA is the answer we have been waiting for to help us build up the VR AR community here on the East Coast and at the same time expanding our connections with other amazing VRARA members across the globe. We look forward to attending future VRARA NYC sponsored events and continued partnerships with VRARA members in the years to come.
— Touchstone Research, Inc.
We’re excited to be part of VRARA and be in a position to make an impact in the VR community. Our opportunity with VRARA has given us access to it’s expanding network that helped us excel and break through into the global market. We continue to look forward in working with VRARA members as we venture into this new wealth of opportunity.
— LNG Studios
The VRARA has given us the boost we needed to get into the places we need to be. In a short time, the exposure to major strategic partners like the USPS, Venture Capital Investors and Major Corporate clients has given us the opportunity of a lifetime in the VR space. We continuously leverage our VRARA team and member community to gain access to the most important contacts to make our business grow.
— SpaceoutVR

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