Marketing Committee

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YOU ARE HERE is an immersive experience studio that helps brands and clients engage and educate consumers utilizing a strategic mix of innovation technologies at retail, trade shows, and events. Specializing in Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, our solutions help people not only see, but feel things and understand concepts, which leads to measurable results.  We put people in the moment. Let it be your moment.

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This committee is defining best practices, guidelines, call to actions and standards for compelling, immersive marketing. And, assist brands and agencies in effectively selecting, planning, producing, and executing immersive marketing.


  1. John Buzzel, YouAreHere Labs
  2. Vacant - if interested, email 

Participants include: 

  1. Brightline Interactive
  2. Cinglevue
  3. Create|AR
  4. Metavrse
  5. New Reality Arts
  6. 3D Evolution
  7. YouAreHere
  8. Others
  9. You?


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