Mapping & LBS Committee

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This committee will create best practices, guidelines, and call to actions (e.g., recommendations for standards) for Mapping & LBS.

Our committee participants have or are actively publishing augmented and virtual reality experiences using ultra-specific locations to trigger immersive content. 

Our mission is to set the best-known standard for the many ways location sensors play a role in content delivery to a device in augmented or virtual reality. 

What do we mean by location and mapping specifically? Location based delivery to a mobile device specifically means some sort of location specific trigger like GPS, a beacon, image, gesture or sound that says "hey phone, I'm right here, your turn to do something"! It's these functions we are aiming to standardize to ensure the thriving growth of this incredible technology and its possibilities to grow as fast and as meaningful as it can! 

Each committee participant has published their own work. They are involved in the process of setting recommended industry standards and they contribute to the best interest of the many ways that consumers intend to use location-specific technologies today and in the near future.  

Let us know if you're able to add to this committee, we would love to have you! 


  1. Andrew Couch, CandyLab 
  2. Vacant - if interested, email 

Participants include: 

  1. CandyLab
  2. Ultrahaptics
  3. VR Lines
  4. Others
  5. You?