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Live Panel - Webcast on Free Roam VR, moderated by Charlie Fink

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Please join us on August 8th for a conversation about Free Roam VR, and AR, with Curtis Hickman, co-founder of The VOID, Kevin Vitale, CEO of VR Studios, Frederick LeCompte, CEO of Backlight (Paris), and Steve Shew of Battleverse (Toronto).

Free Roam VR, which can only be experienced in dedicated locations, and never in the home, and is the only true VR, where users wear an HMD and backpack PC, occupy an avatar, have full agency and freedom of movement, and can see and interact with other avatars in an entirely digital world.

Join us as we talk to the two largest players in the nascent field, and two startups that aspire to take their place alongside of them as pioneers of what many are calling "the new movie business."