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San Francisco Chapter Meet-up & Fireside Chat with Matt Miesnieks

Please join us Wednesday, August 22nd for the next VRARA SF Chapter Meet-up. 

Taking place at WeWork Mid-Market in San Francisco, you'll get a chance to meet the new chapter leadership, followed by a fireside chat with Matt Miesnieks, CEO and Co-Founder of, investor, and influential technology writer.

The San Francisco VR/AR Association's membership has grown significantly over the last three years, and to keep up with that pace, we've recently added significantly to our chapter leadership team to include some of the brightest stars in the ecosystem. The first part of the evening will include a panel discussion with our growing team: Annisa Kau, Sony Green, Alia LeCam, and Jeff Meador about the goals for the VRARA SF Chapter's coming year, and we will also get a sneak-peak at community member's answers to the question, "What makes San Francisco the best city for XR?" from our soon-to-be-published VRARA SF Ecosystem Report. 

We will then be joined by Matt Miesnieks for a fireside chat to reflect on this past year since ARKit and ARCore released, and talk about the influence of ARCloud on the evolving augmented reality landscape. We will also get a chance to talk with Matt about's approach to solving for the foundational technology to usher in the next age of spatial computing. The SDK (now in BETA), uses standard built-in smartphone cameras to build a real-time 3D semantic, crowd sourced map of the world, all in the background without a depth camera. This means that spatial computing apps that were only possible to build on expensive HMD's are now possible on ARCore and ARKit smartphones. We will get a chance to hear from Matt personally about how their AI neural-networks will help developer's applications understand the world in 3D.

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