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Solving High Dimensional Clustering Challenges in VR - SF

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From medicine to manufacturing, VR is emerging as a powerful tool for the visualization of high dimensional data. One use case that is yielding early successes is cluster analysis. Join us for a discussion of the trends, challenges, and opportunities in this space.

Speakers will include:

Serial Entrepreneur Nick Walusayi is the Co-Founder & CEO of DatavizVR, a VR/AR data visualization company. DatavizVR provided the first commercially available VR/AR enterprise solution and is now working with 300+ Enterprises & Aerospace/Defense companies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Nick worked as an Data Analyst with Nike and in the Front office of the Milwaukee Brewers. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2015, founding one of the first 360 video live streaming companies and developing VR software and simulators for RSA and Johnson Controls. Nick was NBC's 2016 SXSW featured entrepreneur.

Oliver is a scientist and technologist with over 7 years of tech dev, strategic innovation and product development experience in the healthcare/medical device industry. Immunologist by training and avid video gamer by choice, Oliver is used to dealing with large, multidimensional datasets and the visualization challenges that comes with them. As the previous manger of external innovation at Becton Dickinson, Oliver led projects including machine learning for predictive analytics in healthcare datasets and other innovation activities including a data visualization project using VR in collaboration with Kineviz.

Weidong Yang is the founder and CEO of Kineviz. He holds a doctorate in Physics and a Masters in Computer and Information Science. After conducting theoretical and experimental research on quantum dots, he worked for 10 years as a product manager and R&D scientist in the Semiconductor industry. He has been awarded 11 US patents and contributed to 20+ peer review publications. Alongside Kineviz, Wei co-founded Kinetech Arts, a non-profit organization that brings dancers and engineers together to explore the creative potential of new technologies in making art.

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