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Launch Event of our VRARA Malaysia Chapter

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VR/AR is the next industrial revolution. Like mobiles and Internet, it is set to revolutionise our entire Life, Learning & Workplace approaches, with an adoption many times faster than the mobile phone. Projected to be a US$150B marketplace by 2025, it could command a CAGR of over 50% in Malaysia.

However, unlike the internet and mobile adoption VR/AR will impact and generate opportunities for the entire economic ecosystem, redefining and disrupting, learning, jobs, content and workplace integration, in all sectors of the economy. And in Malaysia it opens up new possibilities to tackle Sustainable Development Goals, with an entirely new perspective and a very powerful and cost effective tools up our sleeves. Our currently challenged demographic dividend can really get a boost to recreate earning potentials on the national as well as international levels, countering the threats of job losses due to the newer technologies.

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international industry association for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality connecting leading solution providers with over 50 chapters around the world.

The VRARA has decided to launch The Malaysia Chapter with Dr. Andrew Yew and Mundzir Abdul Latif, partners in Ministry XR - a technology pioneer specialised on extended Reality (XR) and we have invited you today to seek your guidance and participation to make Malaysia a market leader in this revolution.

The Event aims at keeping abreast of the current development in VR/AR/MR technologies and brings leading organizations to present the latest innovations in this area.

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